This game was created in under 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 45 Compo.

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Theme: Start with nothing

Code your own controls. Hey, less work for me!

Play a triangle (let's be honest, nobody likes graphics) thats trying not to be obliterated by the evil red squares. 

No controls for you at the beginning. I will give you three minutes to figure out something clever. Of course you can also change your code later. If you can type fast enough.

Known issues:

- lines disclosures are buggy (fix: click to the right of them)

- code overflows

//Instructions (also available ingame)



2 // List of essential commands:

3 // st a 0 - Store 0 in a!

4 // add a 0 - Add 0 to a!

5 // jmp 0

6 // - Jump to line 0 in Code!

7 // jpcom a b

8 // - if a == b:

9 //   Jump 1 line forwards

10 // - if a > b:

11 //   Jump 2 lines forwards

12 // - if a < b:

13 //   Jump 3 lines forwards 


15 // List of commands:

16 // step - Step forwards!

17 // turnLeft - Turn left!

18 // turnRight - Turn right!


20 // For example:

21 // Step forward when A pressed.

22 //#A#

23 //step


No Control (2).zip 174 MB


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(1 edit)

I can't stop use [ctrl] home/end keys (professionally using IDE on work, or VIM with remote servers), and every time when i press end, page scroll down... Can't continue, it's too hard, with my reflexes.

P.S.: Hello from LD (findoff), but i self, 4th time failed )=

I dont quite get what you are trying to say, could you explain it again?

P.S.: Keep trying. You'll learn a lot from LD.

Sorry for my English.

I try to say about difficult writing with custom text editor.

It's hard to write, if you used to home/end keys with window environment, and it did't just not working, but scroll page down. (Keys like home/end, don't prevented from standard browser actions).

P.S: Thanks! My problem not technical, i know too lot, but can't restrict my self, and bury under features. It's wonderful, how many peoples can make easy games, and stop. But i want second Factorio in compo... (:

I know its not very pleasant to write in my editor. But I wasted almost the entire first day trying to fix that, sooo I just left it as it is.

P.S.: I know, thats hard, but with enough attempts, you'll succed eventually.